In any country that respects itself, the essential of scientific research is housed within academic institutions. The largest scientific research centers are part of high level institutions. The vast majority of scientists are recruited from the academic community. Therefore, it is important to ask the question of the contribution of African scholars in the global research and especially on the ability of academic institutions and African states to organize the collection of scientific information to boost the scientific and technological progress.

L´intelligence économique ( Une arme redoutable dans la bataille économique mondiale) by Dr. Paul K. FOKAM


As center of excellence for boosting scientific activities and technology innovation in africa, the KFokam Institute of Excellence organizes every year in June, a conference on Science and Technology

This is a unique conference that brings together scientists, engineers, industrialists, and people who have special knowledge to be transmitted or inventions to promote.

During the conference, different types of workshops are organized

1 – Introduction of new research techniques

2 – Promotion of equipment to boost local research activities

3 – Local technological innovation:  Strengthening local´s manufacturing sector

Also we invite to the conference, when necessary, scientists from other disciplines such as, economics, legal sciences and many others. It depends on the goal we want to achieve in the short, medium or long term.

The conference always ends with a round table coordinated by our media partner. The aim is to reviewing all the topics that were discussed during the course of the conference for better monitoring



The KFokam Jounal of Applied Science & Technology welcomes articles in all areas of science and technology. Articles should be driven by results of applied research that can be converted into industrial success story.

The journal aim at:

  • Providing information to people who are willing to accompany the exploitation of results of research activities on the ground to boost our economy and create jobs
  • Motivating applied research activities


The PKFOKAM platform aims to bring together researchers, investors and potential research promoters.

It is a sort of online stock exchange for research.

Researchers will submit their findings on the platform.

Financers will access the platform in search for findings that are of interest to them.

Investors will find innovations to value.

This platform will enable :

  • Collection and sharing of informations,
  • Gathering of  skills that will help to accelerate the technological innovation
  • Supporting of scientific research
  • Supporting of inventors
  • Catalyse the transfer of technology through the creation of start-ups