The platform's main objective is to facilitate exchange between researchers, industrialists, and finance providers

Facilitate exchanges between different research groups and encourage cooperation between them

Allow researchers to published the results of their research

Researchers wishing to create start-ups base on their results can find the necessary funding support

PhD students or student engineers Who´s aims are to create start-ups by exploiting the results of their work can find the  funding support

Laboratories of research can provide information about their research topics to enable students (Master, PhD, or Engineers students) to make a choice for their research work.

Industries are also invited to make announcements about research topics that can help to improve the quality of their products. Interested students will choose their research topic.

Students can also submit their Work, (Master, Engineering or doctoral theses). This will help to create a database. The database will be available to companies. Interested companies will contact the authors for eventually exploiting their results.

This platform is also open to inventors and creators, with university background or not, who are using their natural geniuses to create or to develop.

Governments can find research results to promote

This platform also aims to support the implementation of:

1- Results of scientific work

2- Technological Innovations