Platform Engineering & Development

To support and develop African industries to bridge the gap between Africa and other continents. It is necessary to focus our energies to support the conquest of technology.

When we use the appliances in our kitchens, in our hospitals, when we buy cars, telephones, televisions, we ignore most often the work done upstream so that our needs are well met.

When we take a plane, we pay our money of course, but we ignore the work done by teams of engineers and researchers in the countries producing these devices to carry us for hours.

They moved gradually through failure to reach where they are today. It is not a question of reinventing the wheel. Our goal is to conquer in a short time what others have taken centuries to develop. We believe we have the ability to do so.

We encourage Africans to invest in all areas of Engineering that can contribute to support industrial development. In our framework we make no difference between practicing engineers and design engineers.

An engineer must be both designer and practitioner.

We need all sectors of Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Mining Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Metal Working Engineering

Etc ...